Welcome to Amazon Inspections - Experienced, Fast, Reliable & Friendly Service!

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Welcome to Amazon Inspection LLC - Experienced, Fast, Reliable & Friendly Service!.

Amazon Inspection LLC was founded in 1993 by Juan Santamarina, A State licensed Home Inspector with vast experiencei in Building Construction. Juan Santamarina has worked in all facets of the home building industry. His practical experience along with his educational background gives him the knowledge and experience to guide his clients. Since 1993, he has built a reputation of being thorough and professional.
Amazon Home inspectors are licensed ( Licience # HI 9112 ) and highly trained to insure your getting the best and most complete inspection. Amazon Inspection is here to serve the clients, both buyer & seller. During the Inspection we advise you to be at the Inspection with us and ask questions while we are there. After the inspection and when the report is submitted we will review and answer any additional question you may have. Understanding that everyone's schedule is different, we schedule appointments 7 days a week around buyers/sellers and realtors schedule for access.

Amazon Inspection LLC

Juan Santamarina - Founder & CEO
Tamara Buono - Inspector
John Doe - CFO

Where as most of the time you will not meet the inspector until the day of the inspection with Amazon Inspection LLC before you sign the agreement and before you pay we can meet in person to review the process, review the documents, agreements and if you have a home selected input information on the home. This meeting is for clients within our coverage area. We have done almost 5000 inspection, since 1993 and have satified clients all over the city. We have also done home inspection for real estate, both for buyers and seller. We guide our client with accurate reading, so that they can benefit with our inspection. Since 1993, we have been the trusted name in home inspection through out the city. We have friendly service which makes us the best this home inspector since 1993.

About Image Juan Santamarina - Founder & CEO

Inspections are done 7 days a week!
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